About me

Sponsored by - MazingTree I.T. Race Team

Coach - Roy Wyle Smith at EliteVelo cycle coaching

Ride with - The Pilgrim Flyers, and Yogi MTB club.

Here's a questionnare I answered that tells you a little about myself.

Q1. What’s your name (including embarrassing middle names if you dare!) and nickname?

Lucy Clare Allan, otherwise known as Lallan or blondie.

Q2. Age and race category?

I am 18 years old and in the U23 Elites

Q3. Occupation? Studying?

I am on a gap year enjoying riding my bike and working as a finance assistant at Plymouth Homes 4 Let. I am moving to Ambleside in the Lake District in September for University to study Outdoor Education.

Q4. Favourite place to ride and favourite race course?

I don’t really have a favourite place as I generally just love to ride anywhere and everywhere new as I love exploring and trying new tracks. My favourite race course has to be at Newnham Park, as it has a great mix of technical downhill and steep uphill (but not too long). I like to ride in Cann Woods as it is practically on my doorstep and has a whole variety of trails there.

Q5. What are your proudest racing results so far?
  • 7th place (Elite women) at the 2016 National Round 1, at Pembrey
  • 32nd place (U23 women) at the 2015 UCI World Cup Round 6, at Val Di Sole
  • 11th place (Elite women) at the 2015 Roc D'ardene World Marathon series in Houffalize
  • 14th place (Elite women) at the 2015 Vayamundo MTB Cup, in Houffalize
  • 25th place (Elite women) at the 2015 Coupe de France #3, in Ploeuc-sur-Lie
  • 3rd place (U23 women) at the 2015 National Championships, at Hadleigh Farm
  • 3rd place (Junior) at the 2014 Nationals Round 5, at Cannock Chase
  • 3rd place (Junior) at the 2013 Nationals Round 5, at Hadleigh Farm

  • 2012,2013,2014 and 2015 South West XC Champion in my age category.

Q5. List your a) current bike b) first bike and c) what has been your favourite bike?

My current race bike and favourite is my "Hard tail Yeti Arc" (it is my baby!). My training bike and previous race bike is a “Specialized Fate Comp 29er women’s specific carbon hard tail”. A new playful addition to my treasured collection is a "Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon 29er". I also do some Cyclocross on a Cube and use that on the road too.

My first proper bike (discounting my pink toddler bike and a few others with tinsel on the handle bars) was a Kona Fire Mountain, a basic hardtail, which I now use as a commuting bike as it is good for getting around on.

Q6. What is your favourite and most hardest training session?

Race simulation training is my favourite because that's what I train for and love!

The training session I find the hardest is probably, 1.30 minute Yo-yo hills. This is where you stand up for 12 peddle revolutions and sit down for 12. The standing up part burns so much at the end!

Q7. Turbo trainer or man-up and get outside?

I would usually say I man-up and get outside but I've just got a new Booster Turbo Trainer from Certini so I guess  I'm a bit of both now! Doing a turbo in the morning before riding in the evening often helps to keep your legs fresh.

Q8. What are your goals for 2015?

The Olympics! Ok, maybe a little far off, but I’m always told by everyone to aim for the top, ha-ha. But for 2015, I just want to do the best I can and just enjoy the year.

Q9. Any advice for newbies?

Newbies… cycling is an amazing sport and hobby which is easily addictive. If you like riding your bike and have a competitive side then I’d definitely recommend trying an XC race or Cyclocross event and girls; it is not just a boys sport! It’s for anyone and everyone!