Wednesday, 30 September 2015

UCI 2015 World Cup - Val Di Sole (U23 Women)

I found myself entering the 2015 UCI World Cup in Val Di Sole, Italy, when some Elite women from the UK were looking for people to go with. Jumping at this opportunity I entered straight away, having gathered enough points through my National racing. I was joining Bethany Crumpton, Anna Cipullo, Verity Appleyard and Rhys Mainwaring, our mechanic.

I've never been given flowers for my number board and they just about survived the muddy race. It was a whole new experience of racing. I was pleased not to come completely last though. I started number 41 and finished 32nd, so improved on my gridding. Unfortunately I was 30 seconds too slow and got pulled out with 2 laps to go. But with that said, I had done a good 3 and a half laps, which I found plenty. It is really amazing to see what the top level of riding is like and just makes me more determined to improve and get better as they are just on another level. It was the best racing experience of my life, with some amazing people - I hope it won't be the last!