Monday, 23 June 2014

Step one - The crash

Day one of my "new life" and it's literally started with a bang - onto a log!

I've been waiting for a crash for sometime. Mountain biking is a sport where crashes are 'normal'.  A way of learning, testing your limits and moving forward. Helping to get rid of the psychological barriers, that prevent you from going down the technical descents. Knowing that a crash is unlikely to actually kill you.

This wasn't a bad crash, I came away more shaken than bruised. But, I believe a crash shows you are pushing yourself. If you never crash, you're not pushing hard enough!


Other steps on my list that I shall try and complete:
  • Racing so hard I'm sick
  • A bad crash (hopefully not that bad, but bad enough to class as "bad")
  • To ride a road race
  • To ride an endurance race for 24 hours paired, or 12 hours solo
  • Come higher than 4th in the Nationals (my best result so far this year)
  • Get a job in the biking industry
  • To do a 'good' manual
  • To have a sprint finish with someone
  • To be able to control my breathing properly (so people don't think I have asthma when I'm racing)

P.S. I will keep adding to this!

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