Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Stinger Round Two

The sun shone, the sunglasses were on and everyone was lured to Newnham park, again, to endure some more fun/pain! The day started off with treats and galore, being given a lovely Stinger bowl at sign on. (I now have a great collection of cutlery to take to Uni), but that wasn't the only reason I went. No surprise, I did also go for some great racing, which was definitely what I got.

It started with the runners, all being set off at eleven, to battle it out for us. Whilst they were off I had been given strict instructions from my Fully Sussed coach, Maddie, to warm up on rollers. This was to practise for the Nationals in two weeks time, but I now apologise for the lady with the baby that I woke and everyone else with my loud whirringgg. This warm up definitely helped though, as when my pair came through I felt raring to go.

Sam Parker speedily ran through first, followed by Stan Townsend. I don't know whether their speeds were possible; I believe they had hidden motors or wings or something! My pair, Matt Carey, followed closely behind. He is an excellent runner, planning to do a marathon soon (good luck Matt). So, luckily for me, we got a great lead in our mixed pair category.

I set off feeling fairly good and tried to hold our competition, Gary Andrews off, but as usual I new he was coming when I heard his bell dinging behind. We were settled for second place and finished feeling happy to have held off the others (just).

The course was the usual Newnham spectacular, with a hill at the start to warm your legs up. However, other than that hill, everything flowed and all linked really well together, with just a couple of little teaser hills.

The fun atmosphere at the event made it a great laugh and a good day out. Thank you Fully Sussed for your excellent organisation and course. Also, to Rockets and Rascals for a yummy hot chocolate (they are the best ever with marshmallows and everything). Finally, thanks to Sam Clifford for some lovely photos.

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