Monday, 17 February 2014

The Stinger Round One

Yesterday was the first Stinger of 2014, a duathlon organised by Fully Sussed. If you didn't go to this one, make sure you enter the next one because you missed out! The sun even came out for us.

Luckily I entered the mixed pair category, which meant I just had to ride and let my partner Matt literally fly around the running course.

After he had done a great first lap, the pressure was on. I found pairs much more nerve racking than riding for yourself, as you just want to make it around without any punctures, breaking yourself , or your bike, so that your team can have a good race! Luckily, everything went well and we managed to grab second place. YAY! Phil and Donna Morris took a good lead, winning the event and Rob Smith and Jen Hicks took a close third. Well done all!
I could tell there were runners on the course because I have never seen so many riders with florescent socks. This mixture of athletes made it a really good atmosphere, as it was so nice to have all the runners cheering for us and then we could cheer them on.
I think this was one of the best events organised by Fully Sussed and I am really looking forward to the next, it was flawlessly organised and the course was great. It had exciting root slides and many new sections to practise your' bunny hopping on. Plus, the steep gravel climb and the well-known cottage return to complete the fun-filled route. Thanks Maddie and Jay. Credits also to Snapper Chick and Jon Anderson for great photographs.