Sunday, 12 January 2014

Soggy Bottom Round 3 on my new Yeti bike

Sunday 12th January

Racing today was great, I'm so pleased to win the womens cat and the overall series trophy! Especially as I have a new lean mean racing machine! Thanks to Fully Sussed's new sponsors Silverfish UK and Yeti Cycles, I now own this beautiful beast - The Yeti Arc Carbon. I am one happy girl, thank you! It not only looks beautiful, but rode beautifully.



Yesterday, me and Evie had an awesome christening ride for our Yeti's getting ready for the race. She was swinging into action as preparation...literally...

(The colour co-ordination was obviously purposefully done) Blue is officially my new favourite colour. The bike obviously helped as she flew around the course, finishing in second place, and very close to being first juvenile girl. Well done Evie!

The bike survived the biggest test it will go through, as the Soggy is one of the muddiest races I ever do. If it survived this, without any grinding or playing up, then it can survive anything. Today was also quite a technical course, and although some people say the bike is stiff, I thought it gave me much more control. I could fling it where I wanted and it was very responsive. And let's not even go into talking about the forks...I felt like I was floating on clouds! I would definitely recommend this bike for XC racing 10/10. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Fully Sussed for putting on a great race and Mullet Snaps for the racing photos - check them out  on Facebook to see if your in them.