Sunday, 1 December 2013

Round 10 of the South West Cyclocross series

Sunday 1st December - Plymouth Moto X Park

Tenth was the strength! Today's Cyclocross was one of the best so far, it was definitely worth the drive (although mine was only 5 minutes - but still worth it). Everything was excellent - including music to bob along to, excellent commentating, Mexican waves, cow-bells (lets have more of those please) and an alpine horn. But most importantly, it was a great course.

Excitement came right from the start of the race, where everyone battled in close proximity, to get to the front of the pack. I'm not very aware of who is who at this point, as there were bikes everywhere. However, I did notice that Maddie Horton and Angela Pike both had fantastic starts. Pushing straight to the front and held their places very well. All the way through the race Angela was on every corner just behind me and I was scared. It makes you really discover the psychological mental pressures of wanting to keep your place... I sped up trying to stay ahead, but then ended up making silly mistakes like falling off when passing the start line. But I've learnt from today that this is all part of racing and something that takes experience to learn. Jay Horton once told me, "There's no point looking back as long as you are going as fast as you can" and this is so true!

It was a full house podium for the Fully Sussed team today, having Evie Lane (1st youth female), Maddie Horton (1st senior female), me (2nd senior female) and Jay Horton (2nd vet). Really happy with all of our results, well done team! Check out our team in action below - courtesy of Mullet Snaps. For more photos (you may be in them), visit Mullet Snaps on Facebook.