Sunday, 3 November 2013

Soggy Bottom Race one 2013 - Newnham Park

The Soggy Bottoms definitely have a well suited name for the race today. It was a wet slide, but lived up to its exciting expectation. Newnams' famous bomb holes were included, but also many new tracks making it very new and original from previous Soggy's.
Me and Kris were watching the morning race and thought we were just going to be cheering people on, but it turns out the muddy slope had more planned for some people!
Unfortunately, on this race I had a mechanical on the first lap, meaning I had to run half of the uphill's and cycle the downs with no chain all the way to the pits from half way around the lap, but still came in as the leading lady, so really happy!!! Was also really happy with the other Maverick girlies, Patsy and Evie who got first and second Juvenile podium places, and Jack Hewlett who is part of the squad and did amazing, not only winning the juniors, but the whole male sport category. Go South West MTB Youth Squad!
The race was as brilliantly run, with great prizes from Juice Lubes for every category. This race is definitely suited for any level of rider and caters for all! Thank you very much to all the organisers, Maddie and Jay Horton, and sponsors!

Hopefully see everyone again at Soggy 2.
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