Friday, 12 July 2013

BC National Cross Country MTB Series Round 4

Margam Country Park

Sat, 6th Jul 2013 - Sun, 7th Jul 2013

Sun, sunny and sun-cream! Sums up the weekend in three words! This sunny weekend, just been, held round 4 of the National XC series in Margam Park.

Arriving on Friday morning we were welcomed into the South West Squad "Circle", and after delaying everyone for quite a while to sort out my new Specialised shoes (sorry guys for the wait guys). We then went on a practise ride and I tested out my new training shoes, which were not best colour co-ordinated with my kit, but extremely comfortable. Maddie and Jay lead us all around the course, stopping to look at the steep descents and going back to try new routes. This was really good to look at the quickest lines.

We then watched the fun race at the A line on the big drop. We saw many tumbles and falls, which was really reassuring when I was trying to psych myself up to do it. After that race, I went and tried it myself after lots of support by Charlie Hough. I finally did it, holding my breath the whole way down and found it not too bad.

After the hot day cycling, we all jumped in the Margam Lake with the ducks and Charles started a mud fight! We all came out smelling of mud and raced to the showers - they were all taken. Walking back through the campsite with bits of mud in our hair and all our clothes soaked is definitely how we roll.

After an night of BBQ food, doing wheelies and playing catch we finally settled down to a night of deer noises.

In the morning, breakfast was definitely more quite, as we were all full of nerves. Making polite conversation to hide the fact that I was forcing myself to eat my breakfast haha. Maddie and Jay lead a really good warm up taking us around the country park. Before leading us to the starting arena. With a slight delay to the race because of an injury, we raced our heads off.

With Maddie turning purple with heat, she got 4th place! Patsy managed to place 2nd! and everyone else grabbed great results. I managed to get fourth just a minute behind a podium place, on the hilly and technical course.

And overall, it was another amazing weekend, thank you to everyone who makes it happen!

Monday, 1 July 2013

South West Series Prize

Thank you so much to Velobrands who sponsored The Juice Lubes South West Series prize and gave me a brand new Kask Vertigo Light blue Helmet!

What an amazing prize!

It is a really comfortable and light helmet that is meant to be for road, but acts just as well for mountain biking. Its straps are a lovely material that feels soft and are easily adjustable and the actual helmet has really comfortable padding, but is still breathable. 100% Awesome!

Thank you also to Maddie and Jay from Fully Sussed for organising the sponsorship of the series, I am one happy girly!