Monday, 17 June 2013

BC Nationals at Hopton Woods Round 3

Sat, 1st Jun 2013 - Sun, 2nd Jun 2013

Unfortunately I had a puncture at this race, which was quite annoying as I was sitting in third place when it happened. (It would have been my thirst National Podium!). However, these things happen and now I am even more motivated to getting on that podium. Also, I have learnt to do the "M" check on my bike (starting at the front wheel, you check your bike components in the shape of an "M" to the back wheel), because the reason I got the puncture was because I left my tyre pressure too low - lesson learnt.

Despite this, I still had an amazing weekend with The Mavericks. Maddie and Jay were great at giving us skills tasks to do on our bikes around the campsite, also leading us around the course to practise and leading our pre-race warm up. Thank you!

The race consisted of a long, long up-hill, which seemed to go on for a long, long time. However, in the race it goes much quicker than expected, probably because all the adrenaline kicks in! It is definitely worth the long hills for the downhill though. It is smooth flowing dusty trails with jumps and roots at all angles making a really exciting.

Maddie Horton got a fantastic result and grabbed third place in the Ellite race, even in her baggies! Patsy Caines also got a podium place, it is getting a great habbit for her now!

Well done to you both and thank you to everyone else for another great weekend. 

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