Monday, 20 May 2013

Thank you!

This year has been a massive progression for me. About six months ago I was way too afraid to enter a National XC race, and wouldn't have thought of being South West Senior Champion and at the moment number one in the British Cycling National Rankings. I could never have got this far without Maddie and Jay Horton from Fully Sussed. They have trained me up, written my monthly training programmes and supported me at every race and throughout all the weekly training sessions and training weekends. Gary Andrews from Certini has also given up numerous hours to take us out training. These people are what make the youth of today have a future in sports like these. I don't know how far I can go with mountain biking, but I do know, that with all this support, I have enjoyed every minute of it and have got further than I realised I could and want to keep doing this forever... I'm officially addicted! The Mavericks South West Squad was set up by Maddie and Jay and they have become my mountain bike family. At every race it has now become really sociable, we all cheer each other on, pre-ride the course together and generally just hang out. I love you guys and everyone else at the races who has been welcoming and fun to be with.

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