Thursday, 18 April 2013

JUICE LUBES South West Series 2013 Round 1, at United Downs

Firstly, I want to say thank you to Maddie and Jay and all the organisers and helpers who made this race happen, it was great doing the hotlaps and although prizes are obviously not why we race...I had a lovely supprise when I realised the great prizes involved from Fully Sussed and the great cleaning kit from Juice lubes and Torq (unless that was just the bag they were in?) hehe. Plus, the nobby nick tyres! And not to mention the curly wirly chocolate bar!!!!!! :D ... I couldn't have made the journey home without it. Thank you!!

I thought both The Track for the hotlaps and the race course at Wheelmaid were fab. Although fairly scary - but that's just the added excitement we need. The race had a good mixture of rocky and gravelly up and downs, with lots of technical descents that put you over the back of your seat, but if that worries you, there are always the fun B lines too!

This was my first race for a while as I have been ill, so it was the start of my come-back. I was determined to still be as close as I could to the ellite women though. I managed to keep up with Carla Haines and Mel Alexander off the line and along the first descent, but lost them on Down to Brown, which shows how good at the technical drops they are as I had to take the B line. But hopefully I'll overcome this at the Nationals coming up there in a few weeks. They both did really well, but unfortunately Carla got a puncture, letting me overtake her. Kim Long from Certini, kept popping up behind me around the course as well, she was flying. Ruby Bond and Patsy Caines were very close to each other in the Juvenile race, both with consistant timings, so watch out for all of them at the nationals!

A big well done to everyone else who raced, Go team Mavericks (the new name for The South West Youth MTB squad) and Team Fully Sussed! Bring on the Nationals that are there in two weeks time!

 P.S. sorry for all the exclamation marks... I just get a bit excited/carried away! cheers!

Another big thanks to Dexter Hurlock and his Mondraker twin for leading us around the course for a practise lap, showing us the best lines to take, me and the team really appreciated that.

We now have new team Mavericks hoodies from Silverfish and Steve Toze which are amazing and mean you can spot us all at the races.