Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Soggy Bottom Race Round 2 (Sunday 27th January)

Aaron Thornber Photography
Click here for Results from the race.

Once again a great race at Newnam Park for the local Soggy Bottom event.

I arrived there nice and early at 9am so I could pre-ride the course and be on pit duties.  Which meant lots of layers were needed.  Wrapping up like an eskimo is always fun!

In my practice loop it all rolled nicely, with some lovely descents and of course the awesomely steep gravel hill at the start.  It was great being able to do a course I have previously ridden in Soggy One back in December, as it gave me the chance to touch up on all the challenges I needed to overcome.

Last Soggy I struggled on the muddy bank covered in roots down by the river (I'm sure I'm not the only one who could never make it to the top!). But after perservering until my ninth attempt I finally made it - very satisfying!  My verdict for anyone who still can't do it is to go very far left... as I got told from many passers by (thanks for the tips guys).  I then managed to ride it twice in the race, except for the second lap in which I send my apologies to the rider who I almost collided with!

With two other women in my category (Sport Female), and being my first race in the adult category, I was rather pleased with my 13 minute lead and win!  Yipeeee!  It was not easy though.  I hear Bethan Stubbs and Juliet Long both rode very well and were good competition.  But I think it's safe to say Maddie, Jay and Gary's training sessions are certainly paying off.  It makes the cold winter training sessions with the South West Youth MTB team definately seem worth while.  I could definitely notice a great difference in the rest of the team members - especially with everyone getting podium places, all putting on their race faces and riding brilliantly!  Well done team!!

Massive thanks to Martyn Salt for a great and well organised race, and I can't wait for another!  Also to Certini Bike Shop and Fully Sussed Mountain Bike Academy - sponsors for my new kit, and to Charles Hough for being my pit-feeder.  Thank you!

"Blimey is that a girl catching me up!"
My turn for pit duties
Top of the bank

Monday, 28 January 2013

Certini works its magic on my bike.

Thanks to Certini, my bike was up and running in time for the Soggy's, I can always rely on them to mend my poorly bike and definately would reccomend them to any one! I feel very lucky to be sponsored by them. Now I'm straight back on my bike, training again! Well...almost on my bike.... he-he...

Friday, 4 January 2013

Welcome to my blog! It's 2013 and the start of a new XC year!

It's the start of my third year of mountain biking! Last year was an incredible one, going to events such as the UK Youth Games where I came 9th out of many other girls. I also competed in many local races and even tried my first cyclocross race in which I came third woman! But this year I'm stepping up even further...I'm going to the nationals! I can't wait and hopefully my training with Maddie Horton, Jay Horton and Gary Andrews (Team South West coaches) will have payed off. Bring on 2013!